Open Shelving Hempstead

Reasons Why You Should Consider Open Shelving

Space utilization often poses a problem for most people – homeowners, store owners, warehouse managers – as there is always pressure to make good of the available floor space. With limited availability of floor space, there is always a need to find alternative options. Shelving systems have long come in handy for such individuals, helping them save their floor space. These storage systems have, therefore, been used in many spaces for various purposes. Among these, open shelves are common and come in handy for their various benefits.

Are you wondering why you should consider open shelving Hempstead? Here are the benefits associated with this shelving system.

Optimal Floor Space Utilization

Open shelves occupy less floor space and therefore make use of the vertical space. This means that you can make more space than there already is. While most people have been focusing on the floor space for their storage needs, there has been a need to make the most of vertical space.

Open shelves have become priceless in minimal floor space utilization since they can even be placed on top of each other. This is especially great for warehouse managers and storage companies as their storage facilities are characterized by plenty of vertical space.


An open shelving system can be implemented in different spaces and for various purposes – they are not limited to one application. Fashion store owners especially find open shelves perfect for their needs, since they can help display clothes and store stuff at the same time.

Warehouses have also leveraged the power of open shelves, and it is now possible to store loads of items without even exhausting floor space. Offices can also make use of these shelves to store documents and therefore ease their main working spaces. In hospitals, open shelves can also be used to store medical supplies, such as drugs that may be used in the future.

Proper Organization

Unlike other storage systems, shelving systems offer proper organization of items. Open shelves don’t just hold your boxes or items – they help keep them in an organized manner. With proper organization comes quick and easy retrieval, since items are visible and easy to locate.

For this reason, open shelving Hempstead comes in handy for stores and shops that sell fast-moving items. Those running such stores find it easy to retrieve items, therefore saving time and granting hassle-free operation.

Various Options for Shelf Material

Open shelves can be made of various materials, which give you various options to choose from. Wooden open shelving is often considered the classic shelving type. These shelves are mainly made of high-quality wood, which may make them bulky to move around or organize. However, these open shelves are sturdy, classy, and quite durable.

Plastic open shelves provide another option and help store lightweight items. These are versatile, rust-free, and durable if loaded appropriately. Given the inert nature of plastic, these open shelves are great for spaces characterized by corrosive solutions and other reagents.

Metal shelves are the commonest of the available types. They are versatile and durable and are therefore used in many spaces, including offices, warehouses, and industrial companies. What’s more, they offer more storage space and can hold heavier items than other shelving types.

Besides occupying less floor space, open shelves offer proper organization, more options for shelf material, and versatility. For these benefits, they are used in offices, warehouses, stores, and industrial companies.