Steel Shelving Hempstead

Guide for Buying Steel Shelving

The storage area in your store plays a crucial role in accessing the items you keep in stock. Instead of keeping everything on the floor and increasing the risk of rat attacks, you should arrange for steel shelves that will also help you keep things organized. You often see such shelves in supermarkets but you don’t pay attention to them because you don’t need such shelves in daily life. But when you start a store or a restaurant, you will find these shelves handy.

Types of shelving materials

Apart from the steel structure, you also need to consider other materials of the shelves according to which you should order your unit.

1. Chrome wire

Chrome-plated wire shelves are excellent for storing dry items. Together with a steel body, these shelves are ideal for garages, retail stores, warehouses, and stockrooms. But make sure you don’t keep steel shelving Hempstead with chrome-plated wires in a humid environment. They are prone to rust even if there is low moisture level in the room.

2. Epoxy-coated

Epoxy-coated wire shelves are moisture-resistant. You can use them in any type of storage facility. Plus, they come in various colors. That means you can not only order a colorful shelf but also get colorful racks along with the shelf. Epoxy-coated shelves are widely popular as they provide resistance against corrosion. They are available mainly in two colors, green and blue. But you can ask for other colors if you buy a custom shelf.

3. Polymer

Polymer wire shelves are the best of the lot. They are extremely corrosion-resistant and will not produce rust even if there is saltwater nearby. Moreover, polymer-wired shelves are stronger than the other two types of steel shelves. That is why they are costlier than those two.

Types of steel shelves

Not all steel shelves look the same. Most of them come in different sizes and shapes, depending on your requirements. Alternatively, you can get custom-built steel shelves that not only cater to the space you can offer but also come with multiple storage racks. Usually, you will find the following three types of steel shelves.

1. Solid shelves

Solid shelves don’t come with any openings. They look more like trays than shelves. It is better to keep solid shelves on the ground so that there is no risk of any item slipping and falling. These steel shelves are easier to clean compared to other shelves.

2. Vented shelves

Vented steel shelves are ideal for cold storage units. They promote air circulation through the vents, thus increasing the shelf life of many products. These shelves also provide better visibility to identify items you have in stock.

3. Triangle shelves

These shelves are specifically designed to fit in tight corners. They look almost like vented shelves except for their design.

Now that you know the types of steel shelving Hempstead options and the materials that come with these shelves, you shouldn’t face challenges while ordering one. You can go on to order customized versions of your steel shelves keeping these factors in mind.